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Consultant, Project Manager, and Director in Edo State, Nigeria

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I am Kingsley Elimilionome Iyamah. And the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and the Founder of IYAMAH INTEGRATED HOLDINGS, I am a business consultant and entrepreneurshipin Edo State, Nigeria and You can visit my website with a click on the button above.


We are into Hire purchase, and Hire purchase is an agreement whereby a person hires goods for a period of time by paying installments, and can own the goods at the end of the agreement if all installments are paid. Hire purchase agreements usually last between 2 and 5 years, the most common last 3 years in our agreement as end to end protocol of this organization without any lets or hindrance based of the rules and regulations of this company under the Terms and Conditions.

We are mostly dealing with commercial vehicles for transportation of goods and passengers at moment such as:

*911 Mercedes Benz

*Iveco 1432

*Toyota Hiace bus and Van

*Motorcycle bike

ETC, and depends on customer requirements .


Hire purchase contracts are usually fixed, therefore if you find yourself in financial difficulty during that period, you may lose the asset and damage your credit rating. You will pay more for whatever it is you are financing through hire purchase.

Hire purchase (HP) or leasing is a type of asset finance that allows firms or individuals to possess and control an asset during an agreed term, while paying rent or installments covering depreciation of the asset, and interest to cover capital cost.Please kindly note before contacting us.

The principal amount of the loan is therefore the cash price minus the deposit. The accumulated loan will be worked out using the number of years the loan is needed for. The total loan amount is then divided into monthly payments over the period of the loan. Hire purchase is charged at a simple interest rate.

Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) is broadly the same as a contract hire agreement, but with one key difference. At the end of the term, you have the option to pay a pre-agreed balloon payment to take ownership of the car. Therefore, the better the vehicle holds its value, the lower your monthly payments will be.

If you choose to pay for your car with a Hire Purchase agreement, you will normally pay an initial deposit and will pay off the entire value of the car in monthly installments. When all the payments are made, the Hire Purchase agreement ends and you own the car.