Aishwarya Iyer

New Delhi

I am a college student pursuing an undergraduate degree in English Literature. I chose this area of study because I genuinely believe that the books that I have read have changed me as a person and literature has the power to change the face of our society, for the better. I have regularly written articles and poems for local newspapers and magazines and wish to become a writer someday. I also have a blog where I write poems that are deeply personal and significant to my life. I am also a student of the renowned Indian classical dancer, Dr.Sonal Mansingh and have performed in various festivals and cultural fiestas. I have learnt Bharatanatyam all my life and now I am also working as a dancer in the musical theater production called Kingdom of Dreams and a part-time instructor in The Danceworx Academy, both based in New Delhi.

  • Work
    • Undergraduate Student
  • Education
    • B.A(Honours), English Literature