Iyer Premkumar


HI, I'm A Digital Media Professional Living in Mumbai, I love my Family, Food, Sleep and off-course the place where i work Gozoop.

Facts about me -

I'm a bonafide citizen of India.

Aside from Digital Media, my other job is playing games.

The Amount of Random Military and war History knowledge i have would scare you.

To this day i have an habit of talking in sleep.

I have been told that i'm weird, psycho at times, looks like a crow and have the worst sense of Humor. Still i love these compliments.

I love to smell food and then enjoy eating them which i know annoys many.

Signing off with lots of LOuuu, Burps, Farts and Ving Ving Ving.

  • Work
    • Gozoop online
  • Education
    • MBA