Mumbai, Pune

Hi Friends,

I am Rahul Iyer.

I started of having a passion for cooking, which made my parents think I shall pursue Hotel Management. However I chose Banking instead. I worked for a day at a restaurant (to earn money) during a summer break and ended up becoming a teacher at a classes instead. I went to the theatre to watch movies ( not the kind you are thinking of) which my friends never were interested in watching.

While I loved cricket, basketball and badminton, I was never really good at these sports. I chose running around the field instead. By all this you must have figured out that how random a person I have been. Random Reflections Random Thoughts is an outcome of that random evening when I decided to take another random decision – To start WRITING!!

I always believe that it's passion that it takes to achieve things in life. It was that what drove me to quit my Investment Banking job at Citigroup, a teaching job at a classes in Mumbai (while that was however part-time). Both these jobs gave me a chance to peek into my own life and take inspirations from situations. It opened doors to what I really wanted to achieve.

Random Reflections Random Thoughts...is my blog where I pen down not just my thoughts, but views on the things I love the most – Movies. The Bollywood keeda in me, keeps me moving to watch any good and bad Hindi film and make a comment. It's that passion that I have for writing, which has driven me to take up Masters in Mass Communication at SIMC Pune.

So, I hope that you connect with the reviews and my thoughts, as it might well be a leaf out of your own experiences in some way or the other.

I am open to any suggestions good or bad and appreciate your views.

  • Education
    • Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication - Pune