Upasana Iyer

Writer, Editor, and Teacher in Mumbai, India

Fascinated by the perplexities of dailiness, I made my attempt to break free from the shackles of monotony a few years back. I must say that this move has defied my primary beliefs at times but nonetheless, I have enjoyed the ruthless sadism of philosophies to the core. Each time left feeling greedy to know more.

A language enthusiast by choice and a writer, teacher and social worker by profession. Precisely, I have a few years' experience in translations, transliterations, subtitling, creative writing, copy writing, quality controlling of scripts, copy editing, teaching and social work.

My realm of pursuits include reading, writing, travelling, amateur photography, art and craft, designing, philosophy and mythology, social activism, mental health, human mind, politics and state welfare, world economy, indigenous knowledge, cultivation, Adivasi and marginalised studies, caste/class politics.

Looking forward to add more feathers to my cap.