Prince Kennedy Iyoha

Oviedo, Asturias, Spain

Professor Iyoha has again assemble his group. FROMDIROOTS, in a new project more necessary even than the previous. The album "BOOMERANG" presents a music connecting directly to listening with the heart and with the fundamental things of life. Putting in a strong desire of planting a seed without limits or borders. Extending his sounds to connect with everyoneand reach all. Born Prince Kennedy Iyoha, in Nigeria, Profesor Iyoha is a Reggae musician based in Spain. His passion for classics rock, soul and traditional folk music,influenced his career, developing his own style when he recorded his first album “From di blue. He moved to Spain in 1998, due to the political instability in his country

He began working as a welding and metal fabrication in Aviles shipyard. An accident at work forced him to abandon the job and started his own entrepreneur activities, and he helped to establish an NGO.African Community resident in Spain in 2003. The innate musical quality of the artist and his desire to express himself through melody and rhythm inspired him to resume his musical activity with the album
‘Extranjero’in 2010; bringing into reality his musical project, after a hard period of adaptation and socio-cultural activity. Integrating both on stage, singing and dancing themes of love, justice, peace and solidarity.

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