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Darmstadt, Germany

The mantra lyrics, the smell of an incense and the orange color envolved the atmosphere of Luang Prabang. This place was one of the signals that everything was going to change inside me. This place in Laos contributes to awakening a new sense, a new feeling that laterI would find in Yoga. On that trip, that it took two months, I had the same feeling in the other budisten surroundings, in cities like Nhom Phen in Cambodia, where I met my actual friend the monk Sareth Brak, the first person who show me books and explain me sitting down in the stairs from the temple about boudism. Thailand was the other place that caused this cycle of new discovered inside me.

Back to my city where at that time I lived Auckland, New Zealand, I think it wasn’t coincidence that I met the hare Krishna community who are until today very compromised with yoga. In http://www.theloft.org.nz/ I practiced yoga regularly and having lunch with the community and the rest of the users like me. The food was an amazing cooking and the yoga classes gave always something new that made me growing up so fast inside me. The styles of yoga that we practice wherein Hatha and Astanga yoga for physical exercise and Kirtan yoga for spiritual rejuvenation.

I have to confess that I were fascinated about everything that involveYoga but I never converted to Buddhism or Hare Krisna.

I consider myself a spiritual person, curious about different ways of life and thinking, for my all paths can help us to find our own path, but that is the important meaning of all this experience and my discovered withYog. All this story makes sense for me because help me day after day to find my own path, from lisent my body I can lisent my inside.

Nowadays my life situation brings me to Germany and here I continue with my practice of yoga. My own enthusiasm and a persona trust in my yoga and spiritual experience made that I started to teach yoga as a private class in English, on one hand because at the beginning it was difficult to talk in German and because I met new friends fromaround the world that have the same problem a with the languagesbut haven a strong willing to practice yoga.

My classes are pretty much for beginners, easygoing and focus onstrengthening. I’m looking forward for the social contact created between the students, that everyone can have a vote and also go after the achievement of our own physical and mental challenge. Your goalis my goal as a teacher an

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