Izaak Duarte

Student in Nederland

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My name is Ezekiel Duarte a 26 year old student, I was born in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Currently, I’m a studying International Business and Laguanges in Hogeschool Rotterdam (Rotterdam Business School).

Currently, I live in my own apartment in Spijkenisse, South Holland. This change of environment has been recent and while I am still adjusting to new responsibilities, I am open for new challenges.

Both my parents came from the Republic of Cabo Verde and they left to find a better life, which led them here in the Netherlands.

Every now and then I do some Cape Verdean traditions with my family, like filling barrels with basic necessities like hygiene products, writing utensils, etc. and then shipping them back to Cabo Verde, this tradition shaped me.

When I have finished my bachelor I will move to Cabo Verde and start a business venture there not only to improve their negative situations, but also to make something out of that environment.

I hope that you enjoyed reading this personal introduction and would like to envite you to my business proprosition.