trash prince min!!!

in case you are confused, the following is for my personal @kumaeshi!!!!

i just want to put it straight... if i dont know you or dont like you, i will decline your request. if you get to know me somehow after that and i decide i am okay with you following my personal, you can request again. but, if you request again after i decline you, ill block you!!! please dont take offence if i do, and dont hate on me. its just i dont feel comfortable around you ok???


im probably making this a bigger deal than i should. but if you want to request (you wouldnt have clicked on this if you werent curious or smthg ok.

- not a ghost - like pics pls

- not a private account


also if i do accept, pls dont take offence if i dont reply. sometimes i am not havin the best day y'know?

also unless i know u im not doin f4f or s4s ok sHUT UP

if theres something im watching/music im playing/game im playing, pLS dont ask what the fuc it is!!!! go do ur own research b/c if you followed youre a nerd!!!!

sorry im being 1000000% dramatic and 100000% annoying and 100000% a bich or jerk ok i can do whateva the fuc i want shhhhhhhHHHHHH (๑ゝڡ◕๑)

trash prince min oUT

ps dont email me on this thing its a random email where i button mashed the keyboard (im sorry if i randomly entered your email orz)