Izeda M.

My name is Ice but somehow it's misspelled by my best friend and transformed to Ize. I came along with 'DA' when I was in college. I graduated from Communication Arts school. I don't go deep in details but if you follow me on twitter you can guess where it is. I've worked many kinds of weird jobs and I love them all. I know a little bit of Japanese (can read but not write or speak poor me), Chinese (can read and speak but not write) fluent in English and Thai native speaker. I am the language freak. Love to spell everything in the right way but iPhone is too small to type. I love Rilakkuma but not often I share it on twitter. I love chewing snacks. I have my own review's session on FB. Moreover, I am enthusiastist in Big Bang, iKON. Thus, many times on twitter, I turn that mode on. Please endure. On the other hand, I can be a serious person. I tweet about politics, marketing and technology. Those are my realistic part. I love watching films. My favorite director is Christopher Nolan. Lately, i'm so in to Pharrell Williams and fashion. Know me more, follow me :)