Nyk Gardner

Fixing up my Bio Page. Majority of people know me as as Zero or WarIsNecessary (on XBL), either or. I play a host of games ranging from Shooters, Fighters, Platformers, etc and so forth. Basically if your game appeals to me, then I'm the one most likely playing it. I used to be a writer for Websites such as DigitialNoob, and Yeousch (before the merge), and well yea.

I'm not just a gamer tho, I like to talk about other shit, like on some motivational stuff or relationships... give or take. I don't know why but that's what I like doing lol. Please don't misunderstand my choice of vocabulary as being of a short minded fool. While I can give my perspective in a business-like format, I have to keep it 100 for myself. If not, then I'm no better than all them other folk who claim they are a Game Journalist, or whatever the fuck they call em lol.

I have a Twitter (@YangScholar), and Might build a Facebook fan page.. tho I need to aquire some fans and haters first lol. Oh yea.. Down below are a sample of some of my works, but note that these are from a while ago. If you need any work done as far as needing a writer, hit me up.