shige ★★★

Pissbaby in the United Kingdom

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im shige, you can call me mob, ume or deku if we're close lmao

im in a relationship with noya + qpps w/ tenga, gabriel & archie

im kozume kenma, shigeo kageyama & izuku midoriya reincarnated in no particular order. dfi if you think you're me. ask for my ids.

i love bakugou katsuki more than anyone else in the world & that's a fact. i know no one loves him more than me. i've been devoted to him for over 2 years.


i don't tag swearing or pda

i spam

i post kpop lmao sorry

not rlly important but i feel i should mention alongside katsuki i would die for ouma kokichi & teruki hanazawa

i need loud noises/needles tagged. dm a picture of bakudeku to follow.