IZO Photography

We’re Jimmy and Shona, a husband and wife team, and we’re wedding photographers based in Perth, Western Australia. Our job is to play the fly on the wall, to photograph and document you both as you celebrate your wedding day. Your job is to enjoy the day exactly as you planned it.

I love photography. Ever since I picked up the camera and worked hard to improve my craft, it has never left my side. It has become an extension of my arm and my eye. It sees what I see, and it freezes moments forever in time. Important moments, intimate moments, mundane moments. It was, in a way, also a journey of self-discovery for me. Finding something that I love doing, and am good at, was liberating. At first it was a place I escaped to, from the monotony of life. It was my form of self-expression. As things progressed and I started photographing people, I found it was also my way of telling stories. Every person I had photographed a story to tell. Underneath the mask we put on to face the world, that story was what I looked for.

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IZO Photography
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