Aale ⠀

Physical Therapist Assistant in Louisiana

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Hello my name is Tori but you can call me Aale since it is my gender fluid name, considering I go by they/them pronouns. I am also bisexual/grey-ace and twenty years old. BTW MY ANIME WIFE-- Sabrina(Pokemon).

Youtube Favs: GameGrumps, Commander Holly, KittyKatGaming, KubScoutz, LostPause, AkiDearest, Einshine, MistyChronexia, and TheAnimeMan.

I am a fan of 'Shafts' works of anime, mostly the Bakemonogatari series despite how I have yet to finish it(currently), and PMMM. Otherwise I'm into comedy, romance, slice of life, shoujo, and horror. Visit my website above to see myanimelist account, current anime I'm watching and all I've completed.

My currently tv shows I'm interested in include; Pretty Little Liars, American Horror Story, and Are You The One?. My favorite movie(s) of all time is the Kill Bill series. I've loved it since I was younger(Lucy Liu was amazing and she's my favorite).

I play video games including: otome, RPG's, visual novels, and adventure are my favorites. Horror/Gore is cool too like The Evil Within but, I'm awful at shooting games, not FPS though like COD or Halo. I'm okay at those. I love the Tales of series(Tales of Vesperia mainly).

When it comes to food I love deer meat, steak, nuggets, dumplings, and sweets. My favorite snack is Reese's and my favorite drink is Sprite.

My favorite color is gray because it's not too bright or dull, and my favorite music genre revolves around rock(TDG, Linkin Park, etc) but alternative and classical(Beethoven + Chopin) is a favorite too.

Instagram: (rp) @ p.aragho; (bios) paraghobios
Twitter: (personal) @ totohame

I roleplay yuri-yaoi, any genre but I'm a little against smut unless I'm comfortable with the other person to do so.

__Current Interests__
ReZero, Markiplier, The Evil Within