erin :/

Hi my name is Erin and I'm agender/aro-pansexual and my pronouns are they/them. I don't talk much or post much at all since I have AvPD and GAD. I'm rarely ever online anyway. Don't follow if you kin with or know someone who kins with Kenma (Haikyuu) Kaworu (Nge) or Izuru/Hinata (Super danganronpa 2) because they are me. Also don't follow if you kin with Lie (Rwby) Eli (Sif) Nozaki (Gsnk) or Daichi (Haikyuu) because those are me too probably.

My qpp is Logan (@komaeda) and I love them a lot.

Also don't follow if you kin with my friends: Honoka, Nico, Hanayo (Sif) Komaeda, Chiaki (Sdr2) Sugawara/Kageyama, Yamaguchi (Haikyuu) Imaizumi, Manami, Midousuji (Ywpd) Weiss, Pyrrha, Yang (Rwby) Izumi (Horimiya) Nepgear (Hdn) Reina (Hibike euphonium) Kashima (Gsnk) Marisa (Touhou) Mikaela (Ons)

Yeah that's it. But I probably won't accept requests anyway unless you're friends with my friends.