Czech Republic, Prague

Personal Profile
A hardworking manager and very good team leader thanks to experience of creating and leading, educating and motivating teams. My recent work was focusing especially in multicultural and bilingual departments. I am on maternity leave at the moment, while getting involved at non-profit organisations’ projects. I am ready to accept relevant position in industry of my education and interests.

2012 – Present Maternity leave/co-operating with non-profit organisations. Centrum Integrace Mladeze, CID, Cor Aprtum, Asociace neuplnych rodin.
• Creating proposals of projects and sending grants applications.
• Fundraising for creating financial conditions.
• Making sure there is a correct function of non-profit organisations regarding terms and
conditions of European Union.
• Transferring information about using government grants of new socially assigned positions from human resources and employment system, Project Adaptabilita, Project 50+, Mladez v Akci, Erazmus, Nadacni fond Otakara Motejla.
• Socially legislation consultation – focusing on mothers, specialising in human resources, financial knowledge, and social support for single mothers that are in danger of antisocial life in poverty. The prevention of decent life supported by human rights is very important in such cases.

2002 – 2012 Financial service Freelance – Sales manager (OVB, AVIVA, AWD, Ceska Pojistovna) All service has happened under court specialists’ low, valuer and lower specialising in financial service low.

• Leading, employing and training financial advisors, sales of financial products and advisory service, being responsible for completing business plans.
• Creating marketing targets connected to sales support and business partners support.
• Leading business activities in co-operation with management of supplying complex financial service for large companies’ employees – for example ASUS.

1997 – 2011 IT sector – sales manager, branch leader NESS CZECH, s.r.o. (partner SAP, ORACLE, MICROSOFT, IBM, Dell) COLUMBUS IT Czech, s.r.o. /partner Microsoft/ STORYFLEX a.s. /partner IBM/, COMSOFT CR /partner SAP/,

• Low advisor and activation of contracts in bilingual environment – English, Czech, looking after projects, ensuring legislation is put in the place, following by full support of service.
• Leading SAP advisors in their activation and implement