Maryann Izzarelli

Bedford, Texas

40'ish (till I'm 60), my Brats are my family (love me, love the Brats or go away), WDW addict, animal supporter, starting to actually check off bucket list items instead of just adding them. Increasingly intolerant of BS the more into 40ish I get. Occasional mouth of a sailor, proponent of crazy pills if you need them and open to opinions unless they are about the few things I am adamant about. At that point I'm a close minded jackass. Into clean eating, working out, yoga and trying to embrace meditation - not so much to look good since now I'm at the age I would like to just not drop dead from 40 years of neglect. One day I'd like to write a book, but I'm still working on my patience and procrastination issues. I have a difficult personality, can be a douchebag and my mood train makes sharp turns.