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Hi !! My name is Emily but I don't go by that name rlly :00 only 2 people may call me that!! I go by Arizona , Tempe or iz ! (YIU may call me Lea but Nya

☄ I'm 16 years old and I'm polysexual (I'll date certain genders but NOT ALL)

☄ my main account is @leastoast !! Pls don't request me if you're a mutual from there ,.

☄ I'm clinically diagnosed with separation anxiety , depression and BPD (I also have severe abandonment issues,,)

❌ these are my main kins! Pls do NOT follow if you kin w them❌

Arizona Robbins (greys)

Rachel berry (glee)

Judy hopps (zootopia)

🍼secondary kins , ur okay to follow !!

Toriel (undertale)

Haru from the cat returns

Kiara from tlk2

I also am dogkin !!

I also tag as isobel Stevens , but not as strongly as before !!

🍃 I don't want my friends to feel invalid so pls don't follow if you kin with the following !!

Meredith grey


Amethyst + lion from SU

Chara (undertale)



Nick Wilde

Fritz the cat


(Will add to this later)

🔥 these are my triggers and I'd appreciate if you tagged them if posted about !!

Self harm

Overdose (any pill talk , unless medicated)


And razors ,,

🌴 should have stated this above but 😪

I post NSFW , and I whine A LOT most about stupid things.

Pls like S post if you see it,,

!! Even if you're already on my acc (or wanting tofollow) please send me 🌴💓 < these two emojis so I know !! Tysm