Gary Izzo

Director in Trumansburg, New York

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I am an artist. I have spent my life in the theatre; I am a writer, producer, director, actor, and comedian. This means that I have spent a ridiculous amount of time observing people, musing over the human condition and its folly, and doing my best to mimic and mirror it in order to throw it back at you for your consideration. My niche is Interactive Theatre, a high-touch form where the lines between actor and audience are blurred and at times non-existent. This has required me to think deeply about the mosaic of what makes us human, what moves us and why. I think a lot.

My years of training actors in various forms of immersive theatre and improvisation has left me with a massive amount of tools for teaching people to free their imagination, get in touch with their creativity and spontaneity, and to change limiting beliefs in order to actualize new behaviours. My book on Interactive theatre is called “The Art of Play”.

I’ve begun a new career outside the arts speaking and teaching workshops on personal emergence; helping people find and follow their best specific destiny using experiential learning and techniques in cognitive remapping. Helping people find and maintain balance and direction in their lives is the offspring of my work as a director in the arts and my new path. I’m developing a new series of workshops and retreats called “The Amber Road Workshop”.

My blog explores concepts I engage with in workshops using stories of my own life path—bricks on the Amber Road, if you will.

Other than that I am a:

* Private pilot

* Single dad

* Devotee of beaches and sun; loather of winter

* A sucker for good rum, red wine, and deep conversation

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