Izzy Campbell

Economics student at SUNY Purchase College.

A writer, working on my debut novel, The Falconian Chronicles.

A musician (primarily a saxophonist, secondarily a singer) who didn't need ear training to be this good.

A music industry watchdog bent on discovering everything there is to know about the music insdustry itself.

I have a huge interest in the entertainment field, since I watch a ton of movies and some television (sans most of Reality TV) in my spare time.

I work well with technology, just give me a gadget or something and I'll learn it fast.

Most times, I give people the best advice with wisdom. No sugar coding required.

I'm also a friend you can get used to. I love meeting new people and networking.

Intelligent, hardworking, dedicated, honest, caring, talented, creative, insightful and professional.

If you want to know more, don't hesitate to ask me because I'm quick when it comes to replies.

Isaiah Campbell's my full name, but I prefer everyone to call me Izzy.

It's easy to remember and it rings a bell.