artist in California

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hey my names izzy and i live in sunny CA

i am unsure about my sexuality

kinda dumb

i have trichotillomania, ADD, anxiety, and insomnia (waiting to be diginosed for a few others). if u fake disorders please fuck off and never ever talk to me

if you're friends with dipshit jenna @kowieboda dont request. i hate her.

if we've had problems in the past i probably wont accept you.

i wont accept people who make my friends / mutuals uncomfortable

uhh thats rlly it.. this is kind of a shitpost / spam account though i do vent sometimes. dm me a picture of a rabbit or rat & give me a little info ab urself before requesting! thank you!

if i dont let u in here are a few accs of mine u can follow:

64png /art

izzytichy /school