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American. Female. Blogger. SRA/MC survivor. Christian - but disenchanted with the term, though not in any way disenchanted with my Jesus. Basically I'm here because when I started looking for some kind of (online?) community for those who are SRA/MC/trauma survivors, I could not find one. Links were broken, online forums were shut down or hadn't been active in years. Informational posts geared toward recovery were also years left in the dust. So I figured if I couldn't FIND answers I would try to BE an answer, in a sense. This is why I write. I don't care about personal popularity or publicity; to the contrary, I'm a fairly private person and I have to keep my online presence discreet for safety reasons. I just want survivors to be encouraged, informed, and supported. The website and blog were the only things I could think of that I actually have the time and wherewithal to manage.

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