J. Althea Solomon

I am blessed in so many ways and very thankful in this regard. Originally from Jamaica, now living in Coral Springs, Florida, I am wife, mother of three, grandmother of two, and most recently a published writer. I have a lot about which to write, and have been doing so for a very long time. I have just not given much thought to what I would do with the thoughts, which over the years I have trusted to paper…well, until now.

I think we all have a story to tell. We just do so in different ways. I love to write because for me, it opens doors which might otherwise remain closed. I write, not just for release, or reflection, but also because I believe it’s a path to connecting with others, and reveals just how much, our lives are intertwined. Our lives constantly invite us to share, or so I believe. I write what I see, experience, imagine… even dream. Writing frees me to express myself, at times without reservation, and in ways I might not otherwise do. It allows me to draw on my most intimate thoughts and feelings, creating memories, to which it’s always a pleasure to return.

Much of what I write relates to what I’ve seen, in cases experienced, and from time to time witnessed, as lived out in the lives of others. With each page recorded, I realize that although unique beings, our lives and experiences so mirror those of each other. I see a lot of myself in others, and can in turn identify with a lot of what I see in those around me. I write therefore, not just for myself, but I hope for others as well.

My first published work includes three short stories for children (see links below). Although not my original focus, or subject matter, the stories were written specifically for my two grandchildren, and presented an opportunity to launch what I hope will be my retirement career. The stories are written in rhyme for easy and fun reading, and intended for a very young audience, Kindergarten/Grade 1…possibly Grade 2. I hope you enjoy, at the very least get some pleasure from reading, and sharing them. That’s the intent.

Food for thought, for some of my friends/colleagues, who also share my passion for writing, whether or not you do it for financial gain, if it’s what you love, do it to fulfill your own personal dream or passion. We only live once.

More to come…