Jennifer Amachree

Student in Lawrenceville, GA

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Hey, I’m Jennifer. I’m a student living in Lawrenceville, GA. I am a fan of reading, jogging, and food. I’m also interested in helping people in need. You can support my charity with a click on the button above.

To my parents, I am a responsible daughter that they can count on to take care of my baby brother and they house when they are at work. To my friends, I am a confidant that they can come to to talk about their problems. To my community, I am helpful to those that I can help and to those I can’t I still try my best to help with what I can.

I am high-achieving, I try to have it all so, I work hard, I manage my time and I always try my best because i truly believe that with these tools, I can have it all.

I work hard for the sole purpose of bettering the person I was yesterday.