J Bailinisi

Public Speaker, Life Coach, and Consultant in New Jersey

J Bailinisi

Public Speaker, Life Coach, and Consultant in New Jersey

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I am an Entrepreneur, Venture Capitalist. I do public speaking for Fortune 500 Companies,& private consulting. I have 10 years of experience in the Consulting industry. I use a series of #ProvenSuccessTechniques that have placed me in the top 1% of my industry. I have a 100% #SuccessRate in everything I do, My #ProvenTrackRecordForSuccess speaks for itself.

Recently my friend was #Downsized out of her job. She's a single parent with 3 children. She asked me if I knew anyone that was hiring. I immediately sent out a mass E-Mail to all of my contacts & got her a job literally within minutes. I quickly realized she had no back up plan in place which could have led to financial disaster. I wanted to help her create a plan B. #HomeBasedBusinesses are very appealing because an internet business is very scalable because you have a #GlobalAudience. #MLMBusinesses are basically #OneBigIncentiveBasedProgram anyone can do. #NoExperienceNecessary . A Successful business needs key components to be Successful. The Product, or Service has to be a Need & Want industry and in #HighDemand I narrowed my search to businesses that were Necessities. I found a business that had all of the key components.

it was a #Necessity #HighlyMarketable #HighDemand

#GreatCompensationPlan #UnlimitedEarningPotential #AddedPerks #RecessionProof #UnlimitedCuctomers #ExtremelyLowStartUpCost

I contacted the company then I contacted my friend and started Mentoring her on how the business works. At first I was just looking to change her life, But realizing the Massive potential of this business. I want everyone to have a Plan B that secures their financial future.The website is on my About Me page.

This business was featured in INC Magazine,Success from home Magazine, DSA Magazine.

This business model is endorsed by Bill Gates.

This business is #TheNextBigThing!

Areas of operation TX-IL-OH-NYC-MD-PA -NJ-CT-MA-ME-CA-DE-RI-NH-VA & DC .They're moving into territories every month.

I will be doing daily conference call training sessions. if you have any questions E-Mail me People4profits@gmail.com My Business Cell number is( 609 ) 442-7946 12:00pm – 12:00am East Coast Time. Out of professional courtesy if you could text message me first that would be greatly appreciated. Even though I am posting my phone number on here please keep in mind I still do an excessive amount of public speaking, I am also in boardrooms daily.

I am looking forward to talking to you soon. Sincerely J Bailinisi.

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