Jamal Ballard

Web Developer, Software Engineer, and Student in Athens, Georgia

While there are car guys, sports guys, and comic guys in the world, I’m a computer guy. My love of computers guided me to my major, Computer Science, and keeps me motivated to continue learning about these wonderful machines. My computer was created by my own two hands and I consider it be my baby. It was and continues to be a labor of love. I probably spent more time figuring out what I wanted to put inside of it than assembling it. You wouldn’t believe how much computer hardware is out there! Me and my computer came from humble beginnings. I was the middle child of three boys from a single parent household in Warner Robins, Georgia. Finance was a major concern for my household growing up and I would refrain from asking for things. This computer was the first expensive thing I wanted. So I worked, saved up, and researched for a year to accomplish my goal. It was heavy, plain, and worth a measly 300 dollars, but it was exactly what I wanted. It worked, most of the time, and could run most games made before 2010. Even on the day I assembled it, I knew this was just the beginning for both of us. My computer grew with me throughout the years. As I gained more knowledge and experience, my computer became faster and more powerful. Now it’s worth about 800 dollars and can play the current generation of games. The processor allows me to complete coding assignments and papers at a much faster pace. The graphics card allows me to relax by playing video games with my friends. I usually tell other people that my computer was an investment, which is true, but it is something more to me. I view it as a culmination of my achievement and dedication. I worked hard to have a great computer and life. This coming Christmas I’ll be building a new computer with all the money I'll be saving up, but I will not abandon my baby. It will have a good home with my younger brother as the new owner.