J.C Hart

New Zealand

Writer. Mother. Wife. Editor.

There are days when I consider myself a master of everything, and an expert in nothing.


Being a mother to three children keeps me on my toes, constantly exposes me to new ways of looking at the world and ensures that I never lose sight of the magic and fantasy present in life. Kids see the world in a different way than we do, and I’m never quite sure what the next day will bring.


Writing and editing though—now those are things I feel like I know something about. I write in a whole range of genres from science fiction, dark fiction, fantasy of all kinds, to those stories with a slightly lighter take on life. You might find that a sliver of creepiness infests them all though. My characters are all pieces of me, invested with sparks from life and my overactive imagination.

Previously I’ve been published in a number of award winning anthologies, and now I am finally releasing my longer works as an Independent author. I’ve been an Australian Shadows finalist for Best Short Story, and am a Sir Julius Vogel award winning editor, both things I am very proud of. I’m hoping to add more accolades to the list in the near future.

If you want to check out a post about why I write Speculative Fiction, you can find that here. And also a post including some random things you might not know about me.


Alongside my writing, I’m also an editor over at Hart & Stenhouse. Check us out if you’re interested in my services.

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    • Post-Graduate Diploma in Guidance and Counselling