JC Hernandez

Washington, Dc Metro Area

JC Hernandez, an expert in government affairs and coalition building, he travels around the country assembling comprehensive grassroots and grass-tops programs for campaigns large and small in order to build winning coalitions for conservative candidates.

JC is the national director of coalitions for the Leadership Institute (LI), one of the nation’s premier organizations responsible for training political activists, campaign operatives, and candidates both in the United States and abroad, in campaign management, fundraising, grassroots lobbying, voter contact, grassroots and grasstops organizing, and public relations.

With LI, JC travels the nation conducting training schools, workshops, and seminars in campaign management, coalition building and grassroots lobbying. He strives to promote the Institute’s mission to produce a new generation of public policy leaders committed to time-tested policies and values.

Over the past decade, JC has been involved in political campaigns, issue advocacy, government affairs, and both political and nonprofit fundraising. Prior to LI, JC was a consultant in Florida; there he managed several issue advocacy campaigns.

In 2012, he the Romney for President campaign as a statewide Field Director in Florida. JC’s role later expanded to also include Georgia, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania. As regional political director, his duties included building grassroots organizations, seeking endorsements form elected officials and prominent members of certain communities and assisting in the management of fundraising and political events. He also managed nine field offices and twelve staff members.

JC also worked on Marco Rubio’s 2010 US Senate campaign as the Executive Director (ED) of the Republican Party of Miami-Dade County. As ED, he oversaw 10 city, county, state, and statewide elections in addition to the Miami-Dade County. In the role, he was also responsible for meeting fundraising goals, voter registration, and the get out the vote efforts in Miami-Dade area.

His interest in fundraising and campaign management began in college. As student government association president at Roosevelt University, Chicago, he began to get involved in several races which led him to pursue an opportunity in government affairs with Dutko Worldwide, Tallahassee, FL.

JC was born in Miami, FL and currently resides in Washington, D.C.