James Morrison

James C. Morrison (M.P.A., Harvard) is an expert in written and oral communication in business and government, and researcher in the cultural, social, and cognitive impacts of new communications media. He has taught communication for management and public policy at Harvard Business School, the Harvard Kennedy School, the Sloan School of Management, Brandeis University, and Babson College’s MBA programs.

At MIT he was Lecturer in Communication in the Technical Writing Cooperative and Writing Coordinator for the Department of Urban Studies and Planning. He has also been the Graduate Program Director in Organizational and Corporate Communication at Emerson College.

Previously, he was acquisitions editor in college textbook publishing for Houghton Mifflin Company and PWS Publishers, a division of Wadsworth, Inc. (now Cengage). He created Survey of Publishing: From Text to Hypertext for Harvard Extension School and taught it for ten years.

President of the Media Ecology Association (http://www.media-ecology.org), he serves on its Board of Directors, as well as that of Cohasset Cable Television, Inc., as Secretary.