I am a writer of fiction, mainly cross-genre, but I have a liking for suspense, paranormal, horror, history, mystery and dark comedy.

However, I love wandering between genres.

So far, I have three short stories out there, one free to read as an introduction (links on blog). They would all be free, but Amazon chooses to free only one: THE 500.

My second novel, AND SOON THE SONG - a Gothic story with horror, mystery, a thousand years of evil, an insane ghost and forbidden love - was released in March 2014.

“If you like a great big nightmare before bedtime, this is the one for you.” 5★ (Amazon review).

“The plot is explosive, high impact. Lots of horror, alternative realities, evil entities and battles to overcome evil - fabulous.” (Amazon review).

My debut novel NORTHMAN: a dark, supernatura/historical/time travel/romance/horror tale of a timeless love and a timeless hatred was published in 2012 as an ebook and will be out as a paperback in mid 2014. You can read free extracts of both novels on my blog.

“Unpredictable and dark and daring and wonderful.” 5★ (Amazon review).

"Intelligent horror wrapped in wonderful writing - a must read." (Amazon review).

My new novel will be out posthumously, judging by my progress so far. Damn you, Twitter... and Lagavulin single malt.

Contact me. I only get grumpy when I'm editing :)

NORTHMAN: http://tiny.cc/77bfow

AND SOON: THE SONG http://tiny.cc/rarjfx

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