jacob davis martin

Athens Georgia

My name is Jacob. I am a story teller, so much so that in this sentence and the past one I have already told two. However, these aren’t the types of stories I like to tell. I think that telling a story is simply a matter of conveying previously existing information to someone. The information I like to share with others is not simply matters of fact though, such as my name, or what I do, or where I live, or what family looks like. I like to share my experience. Nobody has my experiences and nobody has my perspective, so I think that it is vitally important to share this sort of information with others. I also think that narrow mindedness is the biggest plague to society, so to combat this I tell stories of my experience.
The stories I typically tell aren’t conveyed through an oratorical medium. I prefer melodies. Since the 8th grade I have played guitar and since then I have dedicated a majority of my time to music. I perform original songs to audiences in coffee shops. I don’t think that this makes me a songwriter though. A songwriter is someone like Beethoven, who has a powerful understanding of music theory and composes notes in a manner that captures his emotions and effectively displays them to the audience through masterful composition. I have a limited understanding of music theory. My music is molded and developed through my experiences. It is a product of my travels, my failures, and my love of coffee and Jesus. Since it is not a product of my understanding but rather my experience, I would consider myself to be a storyteller rather than a songwriter. Whoever wrote the story, myself, God, the world, I am unsure. Regardless of which might be the case, I am the one who tells it.

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    • UGA Hotel and Conference Center
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    • University of Georgia