Joe Coleman


Currently Interning with a startup Marketing Organization where I am working in business development and deployment of services. Graduating in May 2012 from San José State University with a BS in Economics, with an emphasis in Finance. Through my education I have obtained a working knowledge of Excel in a multitude of functions ranging from regression analysis to financial accounting. Currently studying JavaScript through with plans to move onto C and C++.


San José State University, San José, Ca

B.S degree in Economics with an emphasis in Finance, May 2012


Portfolio Management

In order to experience a portion of professional management of various securities, I managed a hypothetical fund of two hundred thousand dollars Through goal setting, and following set objectives I retained a position in the 25th percentile of highest portfolio earnings.

Regression and Reports (Infidelity in Married Couples)

Utilizing Regression software GRETL(a free statistical software package like SPSS) to determine the likelihood a male or female would stray from a marriage.Employing standard statistical models, employing dummy variables such as; sex, age, happiness, and number of children, I was able to develop a model.Making use of data sets and implementing linear regression methods, I observed Economics predictions based on specific variables and parameters.


Economics@SJSU Networking Mixer

Understanding the need for additional exposure of Economics students to working professionals, I developed the first annual networking event for the Department of Economics at San Jose State University.

SJSU Economics Club

Updated and maintain Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media outlets. Planed Club events, and general marketing of club through flyers and Web ad's Assist in strategic planning for group meetings, and events. Developing brand recognition for the SJSU Economics Club.


Lead Intern of Operation Projects

Assisting the owner in deployment of marketing services to their clients in a variety of different markets. I am developing a working knowledge of Brand Marketing and Web Design, and I have been able to implement these skills in the work I have completed at the Group. In addition to assisting the with deployment of services I aided in management of five interns.