Janina Ebner von Eschenbach

Determined to inspire others with a positive outlook on life. Challenged to succeed in the international marketing management field. Dreaming about owning or managing a company and bringing new cultural experience and perspective to the table.

What is essential for a fashion-marketing manager? For a bilingually raised woman like me, it was proven that it is essential to follow your heart throughout any dreams and goals set forth of becoming a leader. The key to success is staying truthful and honest to the person that is inside of you and by continuously motivating and reminding yourself and others to achieve even bigger steps.

In order to pursue my dream, I need to be consistent, innovative, determined, scheduled, joyful, leading, inspiring, fair, motivating and simply myself. What does that mean-myself? I am a 22-year old German, who loves culture, family, history, art, traveling, sports, cooking and interacting with different personalities. With the person I am today, experienced and educated by traveling the world and learning from many cultures, I can say that I am someone who will spark and shape other characters. People can learn from my values and my prospective and positive outlook on live. Bringing traits to the workplace that include being open-minded and outgoing, I am someone who people can rely on, indentify with, understand, have fun with, innovate with, work with and challenge with. Life needs to be a challenge, yet a set of dreams.

To make an elephant out of small things is not necessarily the turning point but to build an elephant step by step with key values and traits that teach myself to strive for grounded personal standpoints and admirable reflection on others will help me reach the peak of becoming a well-respected but sympathetic, authorized but well-mannered, understanding but fair fashion-marketing manager.