Jason Evans

Jason was Born in England on August 23rd. His father Gareth, is from Flint, Wales and is one of 7 siblings.

His mother is Jane and is from Sheffield, England she is one of 6 siblings.

His parents met in London and quickly fell in love.

Jason also has a brother, Bradley and they are very close. During his childhood he moved around often and lived in several different states, however he always considered England his home.

At the age of 13, Jason started modeling, which soon became a huge part of his life. He modeled for several other large companies.

After moving to NY, his mom thought it would be beneficial for him to take acting classes but because of his shy nature Jason was very hesitant at first.

Then reluctantly he agreed to take a class and immediately after fell in love with the craft of acting, and realized that it was in fact his true passion.

Within the first few years he started acting, Jason was featured in the movie Unwoken and is also guest starring in the MTV show The Inbetweeners.