J. Glenn Bauer

Wiltshire, England, United Kingdom

As a child my playground was the wide open veldt with the blue African sky above. Jungle gyms grew naturally from seed and the pet store was just beyond the garden gate. I wore shoes under protest and then only to school and church. I needed a bath every single night.
I served as an ops medic in the army for two years and treated gunshot wounds and arrow strikes. I've swum in the crocodile-infested Okavango and seen entire villages succumb to malaria. I have hunted poachers and listened from my sleeping bag to hunting lions prowling and roaring beyond the firelight.
Life is a little tamer now. I have a beautiful wife and a strapping young man that is my son. In my spare time I write about what I love and what I love is the past. The very ancient past and the heroes of those times.
I am fortunate to have the life-experience I have. I draw greedily on this experience in writing of the lives of men and woman in a very much wilder Europe.
My first novel is Warhorn (Sons of Iberia). This is also the first book in an envisaged series called 'Sons of Iberia'. The series will follow the life of a young man from Spain during the 2nd Punic War fought between Carthage and Rome across Spain, France and Italy and involving many nationalities.