Jesse Golding

Roofing Crew leader/Day Trading Student in the United States

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Hello! My name is Jesse! I've been a roofer all my life! It's what I know. However, There isn't much to it. At least not in the sense of ever gaining the financial freedom I desire! I have dreams for my family! Exciting ones! But for so long, I thought that the freedom I was seeking was unattainable due to my lack of "education" if you will. That is just not the case anymore! I would love to help point you in the direction in which I am so excited to be going! I will tell you though as someone I respect as a person and teacher once said, "Opportunities don’t happen, you create them!" I would love to be the one to point you in the direction not only myself, but so many other people have gone into! It's exciting and truly has the potential to offer you more than you ever thought possible! Or, just take a few minutes to look at a few people who inspired me to change for the better! And my beautiful family!