Jonathan Graham

I am passionate about designing and developing robust and scalable systems, which are well understood and can be modified to react to changes in production environment or customer requirements. To most people I know, this passion sounds very similar to software development, but mine actually stems from the process of manufacturing drugs for GSK.

During the past several years I’ve taken on a role as a musician, writing code in Ruby and Clojure to create music. I’ve travelled the world, writing code to entertain audiences of programmers and artists alike. Whilst at numerous programming conferences and meet-ups I have discovered that there are many similarities between software and pharmaceutical development, in that they are both based in systems thinking. I am now expanding my programming abilities from procedural hobby code to more structured professional quality code that I can use to change the world, and have taken an apprenticeship position at 8th Light.

As well as being passionate about code, music and science, I have a love of many aspects of art. Recently I have had the pleasure of being a chemistry consultant for a massive arts project, Breathe, which has created some truly fascinating results.