John James O'Brien

Victoria, British Columbia

Entrepreneurial in spirit, with big system career & consulting experience ... balanced with design projects & passion for art, architecture, cultures, cuisine, music, writing and travel.

How we choose to see guides how we experience life, so choose wisely!

Adventurer, sometimes cautious, sometimes not, navigating through life...with enthusiasm. I am blessed (cursed?) with ability to see on the not mistake my awareness for lack of willingness to undertake the adventure...the path is more certain for this ability to foresee the risks and manage toward the desired outcome.

This page reveals my divergent interests - design, architecture & enriched living on the one hand, knowledge & intellectual capital grounded in records management on the other--a renaissance man's approach to life.

I see important interdependencies in economic, social and environmental's not one or the other, it and we, are one.

  • Work
    • IRM Strategies
  • Education
    • Shawnigan Lake School
    • University of Victoria
    • Royal Roads University