Jose-Javier Ortiz

Monterrey, Nuevo León, México.

Javier is the owner of SEP7IMUS Studio, a photography and video production shop that specializes in web marketing, advertising and social events based in Monterrey, Mexico. .

He is also the founder of SEP7IMUS International Pictures, an independent motion pictures production company that aims to make low-budget, but high-quality films for worldwide distribution. His goal is to produce empowering movies out of extraordinary real-life events that could both, entertain and encourage people to live a better life.

Jose-Javier is a graduated of the Hollywood Film Institute in Los Angeles, CA; and of the Mexican Independent Filmmakers Association's Universidad del Cine in Mexico City. He possesses growing experience within the film industry in Mexico, the U.S. and Canada.

Javier also owns The Hollywood Workshops, an organization that brings the best of Hollywood film-related workshops, seminars and classes to Mexico's increasing entertainment industry. The Hollywood Workshops is proud of having been the first of such organizations to bring the acclaimed 2-Day Film School with Dov Simens to Mexico. In the past, Javier has also partnered with U.S. and Canadian associates to bring the Screenwriter's Summit with Syd Field, Linda Seger, Michael Hauge and John Truby to Mexico City, and he's also developing other interesting and innovative workshops and seminars for filmmakers in Mexico.

He is currently in the process of starting a partnership with the Institute for International Film Finance (IIFF) to open a Mexican chapter of this innovative and independent social-impact organization dedicated to bridging the gap between the worlds of filmmaking and finance.