J.K. Wallace


Books are based on the working experience of the author.

* Indiana State Police Under-cover Officer - 8 yrs. Working

primarily with Motorcycle Gangs

* Supervised Lake County In Drug Task Force – 3 yrs.

Composed of seventeen different police agencies.

* Assigned to President’s Reagan's Drug Task Force in Chicago – 1 ½ yrs. State & Local police. FBI, DEA, IRS, and Customs officers.

Assigned to investigate drug related homicides.

* Promoted to Chief of Detectives and was responsible to oversee and supervise all Indiana State Police Criminal Investigations throughout Northwest Indiana for 11 yrs.

After retiring from the Indiana State Police (28 yrs) the author was elected Sheriff of Jasper County. In. and served in that capacity for 8 yrs.

While serving in the above capacities the author gained an in-depth knowledge of the criminal environment that
existed in Northwest Indiana through-out the seventies.

He has written four novels based on what he had learned and experienced.

Author: James K. Wallace

"A Cop's Life", "Windmills of Terror", "This Jail is Black" and

"The Other Side of Death"

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  • Education
    • Att. Indiana & Northwestern University, Alsol Fed. & St. Police Trng.