Yianis Karopoulos

Web Developer and Electrical Engineer in Αθήνα, Ελλάδα

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I am a graduate of Engineering Energy Technology with direction in Electrical Energy. My goal is to work on my field of study and gain experience.

The summer of 2015 I completed a training course with subject theutilization of the android platform in education where I receive honorary prizeas member of the group “education system management” and premium prize forindividual contribution.

As I've always been exceptionally passionate about programming, I am lookingfor on how I can further be cultivated and getting knowledge this field ofinterest. Now, I am participating on the first Coding Bootcamp, an activityorganized within the Alliance for Digital Employability and implemented by theEconomics University of Athens, the CEPIS and HePIS. Ending my studies I willbe specialized and certified to programming as a full-stack developer in C # /.NET.in order to help companies expresstheir missions.

  • Education
    • Technological Educational Institute of Athens