Joanna Kulpaczynska

Manchester, England, United Kingdom
I am learning everyday something new. Something that gives me the opportunity to have new ideas and inspirations for the future.
My motto is : "You'll never know unless you try", which helps me to take new challenge and move on without regrets. The reason why it all came to Interior Design is because it is not just about the fact that you have to design. Its the Idea of a team work and creating a connection between unusual concepts to came up with something remarkable. Its about taking the risk to unveil the idea from the outside world as your inspiration, making it authentic and original.It is about being the step beyond. To think forward, motivate and organise the team to make sure that you are making the right decision. I am the type of person who sets the target and sticks to it no matter what are the circumstances, always think positive about the decisions. Once in a while take a step back and look from a different perspective - judge and make adjustments because at the end of a day, everyone makes mistakes but the best ones are those who see what is wrong and improve it.I have always been thinking about how to create or design something different - unusual. The better experience throughout the project, the better motivation and the final design. The design is like a competition.The foundation of innovation is the person who creates unique relationship with the customer and lets him enjoy the creating process with the team, make it exiting and comfortable experience.

  • Work
    • Interior Design Student
  • Education
    • University of Salford - 3D Design (Interior Design)