Laurel O'Neal

Morgantown, WV

I consider myself a neuro-psychotherapist. I enjoy working with people who want to feel differently and are ready for the things that they know are true to feel true. I enjoy working with any age individual. I help facilitate change for those who would like to have the stresses or large events of the past not have so much power and control over them so that they can focus on the present and are able to feel more hopeful about the future.
I specialize in EMDR and helping people reprocess stressful events from the past and present, as well as, fears about the future. I also use techniques from REBT, TA, and Reality Therapy/Choice theory. I believe that the brain is amazingly resilient and therefore work to set a safe environment for growth and healing.
I take a holistic approach to healing and work with the whole person not just a set of symptoms.

  • Education
    • MA in Counseling and EMDR Trained