J.M. Guinty

Bahá’í since 1966; high school and elementary school English teacher beginning in 1966 at University High School, Lincoln, Nebraksa; Central City High School, Central City, Nebraska [1966]; Central High School, Sioux City, Iowa [1967-1969]; École polyvalent Thérèse-Martin, Joliette, Québec [1971-1972]; Westmount High School, Westmount, Québec [1971-1982]; Rosemount High School, Montréal, Québec [1982-1984]; Wagar High School, Cote-St.Luc, Québec [1984-1985]; Malcolm Campbell High School, Montréal, Québec [1985-1987]; Westmount High School, Westmount, Québec [1987-1988]; F.A.C.E. High School, Montréal, Québec [1988-2007]; retired from teaching in 2007.

Bahá’í Communities and Spiritual Assemblies:

Lincoln, Nebraska [1966-1967]; Sioux City, Iowa [1967-1969]; East Lansing, Michigan [1969]; Montréal, Québec [1969-1971]; Westmount, Québec 1971-1972], Cote-St.Luc, Québec [1972-1980]; Westmount, Québec [1980 - 2014]; Montréal, Québec [2014- present]


There are no pretentions here of being either a calligrapher or a poet, but these avocations have always been of interest to me in my spare time and provided much in the way of constructive pleasure. Both the calligraphy and poetry have been inspired almost entirely by my discoveries within the Scriptures of all the major revealed religions of human history and in particular those of the Bahá'í Faith, the last of these I embraced in 1965 and 1966, and living the life of a Bahá'í, a never-ending task to anyone familiar with Bahá'í Teachings and the practices of this world religion has provided an endless wellspring of material from which to draw whatever conclusions I have concerning the reason for existence and my participation in this same existence.

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