Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada

J.N-Turner was born in Tamil Nadu, South East India. After his mother died he was put in a orphanage so his father could work. His father wanting to give Joseph a better life put him up for adoption. Soon after, he was brought to the U.S. to a family. Four years later Joseph was brought to Canada to stay with another family. By now his mind had become dark and he was completely uncontrollable, his actions sporadic. Going into his teenage years, he was adopted, but still found himself on the streets of Toronto fighting to survive, thinking he was all alone in the world. Having seen horrible evils and had done horrendous things he got into trouble with the law. Fast forwarding, at age nineteen while laying on a cot in a cell Joseph found peace that lit up the darkness through Jesus Christ. Although he was still in maximum custody he now felt more free then ever before; he had become a new man, even re-establishing relationships with his families.

Joseph now lives in the Niagara region, Ontario, with his wife of 11 years who supported his writing no matter how tough the times were. Having a passion for writing and an avid imagination since young he put his heart into becoming an author penning down all the things that had darkened his mind, with a fictional twist and published his first book, "Mindless Short Stories."

Between writing and spending time with his family, he took up Photography, focusing on taking abstract shots, with a real artistic twist.