Julian Perry

Artist in England, United Kingdom

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I am an artist and teacher now based in West Penwith, Cornwall. My interests range from photography to Science and technology, alternative energy, the arts, philosophy and the wisdom traditions.

Particular fascinations of mine are the intricate and beautiful details and designs embedded in the natural and organic world and also the interface between digital images and traditional forms of artistic expression. Maybe there is a frustrated watercolour artist in me but the states of mind and feeling that can be generated by abstracting a photograph, and working on it with digital brushes and tools to create a whole new image, is only limited by imagination and inspiration. With every pixel open to creative manipulation, this for me is the real power and potential of working with digital images.

As I am prone to saying - "A picture has the capacity to move our soul in profound ways for the physical world speaks to us of its depth and source - the same source that is at the root and heart of each of us."

My work is designed to draw attention to this beauty and depth all around us and to present ways to incorporate that into our lives as art.

You can click the button above to visit my website or you can click here to see my 'ArtElemental' themed collections, particularly relevant to interior design projects, a feature article in Sussex Life and another in Etc Magazine about my work and a pdf version of my art catalogue.

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