Jackie Barnes

in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee

I wear many hats through the course of the day. I am a Mom, a pet owner, a small business owner, a sister, a fledgling blogger, an avid music lover and reader of books.

I believe in love even though it eludes me. I am a part time wedding officiant, and I do this strictly because I do believe that true love is possible. I am a schemer, dreamer, a star gazer, a thinker and a seeker. I also have a passion to help those who might not even realize they need some help, understanding and human kindness. It wouldn't bother me overly much if, in the process, we put some of the bad guys away where they can't hurt anyone else.

I've been on a voyage of self discovery for several years now, and I'd like to share some of my findings with you. I've read a lot of "self help" and I've tasted the kool aid. I'd like to help you muddle through it and maybe you won't have to waste as much time as I have in finding out who I really am.