Jim McGuire

I am a writer, photographer, and artist passionate about ideas aimed at restoring and reinventing our world. I am a graduate from Winona State University with a degree in English writing and minors in history and political science. At WSU I worked with professor Kara Lindaman to pioneer a study on deliberative democracy with the American Democracy Project and Stanford University. I worked on the H2O Project, raising money to dig twelve wells in Liberia, as well as playing an integral part of starting a computer business in Kenya that is run by locals with profits supporting an orphanage. I am the winner of the Jared Steen Political Science Essay contest and published several poems and short stories in the Satori. A lover of the outdoors and traveling, you might run into me hiking the Rockies, biking the West Coast, railing across Europe, or closest to my heart, canoeing the Mississippi.