Justin Sauerwine

Wilmington, Delaware

Hello, welcome to my page!

Although I am not currently looking for employment opportunities outside of part-time financials, feel free to browse my information for future connections! This profile will indicate my current status as well as information pertaining to my historical statuses.

Personal Information About Me;

Since the Start of my college career, I have taken pride in the fact that I primarily fund my education/expenses. This however has not come easy, over the first 3 years of college I was forced to work between 20-30 hours a week while also taking 15 credit (full time) work loads at the University of Delaware. Learning to balance both my educational focuses and my monetary goals is something I believe has matured me at a greater pace then my peers.

Starting in June I will be working full-time at PayPal inc. as a Risk Analyst. Following this move, I will begin pursuing a part-time law degree at the University of Baltimore Law School in August. I strongly believe that my background both personal and professional, will result in an above average legal mindset upon completion of my JD.

Business Information About Me;

• Over 3 years of direct exposure to the financial marketplace.

• Over 5 years in client/management support in various ways of business.

• Focusing interests in a long term career path on legal and financial support.

• Working on gaining the knowledge to succeed in various lines of business.

• Consider myself a motivated student, always striving to learn more about multiple areas of studies.

• Enjoy working with others to problem solve and or conquer various objectives.

• Intentions on furthering education after completion of undergraduate degrees.

Feel free to scroll down and see my previous and current business success!↓

  • Education
    • University of Delaware