Jack Sparrow

Artist, Editor, and Student in Hawaii

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Heyo! My name is Jack! And you're probably reading this so you can follow me!

Following me comes with some guidelines though! And if you don't follow them I will softblock you sorry!

- Don't follow doubles of me!!

- Don't harass me

- Don't try to hurt me,,


Kins!! These aren't in any kind of order, they're just there

- 🤖 Mettaton

- ❤️ Akira Kurusu

-🍾 Jack Sparrow

- 🏹 Hanzo Shimada

- ⭐️ Panty Anarchy

- 🌴 General Hux

- 🍀 Nagito Komaeda

- 🦀 Amami Rantaro

- 🌾 Memoca

- 🏐 Kōshi Sugawara


Those are all my kins that you need to worry about!! :>

If you've read this all dm me a picture of a parakeet, or put a 🌺 In your bio before you request me!